Friday, July 19, 2013

Making Space for Guests

Summertime often brings the arrival of guests, but what's a host to do if space is at a premium?  Well, a daybed is a practical and affordable solution.

First, there are many types and styles available. And second, it's actually pretty easy to squeeze a daybed into an existing space, even in tight quarters.

So, let's have a look at some options!

You could add this lovely white painted daybed to an existing guest room, and thus, accommodate a family or several children. In addition, many daybeds also contain a trundle bed 
(a twin pullout drawer with a mattress tucked under the daybed).

An upholstered daybed can double as additional seating in a living or family room or even in a study.

This Swedish style daybed could pull double duty as dining room seating
 and additional sleeping space for a guest.

Here's a versatile bamboo daybed that would look fabulous in a living area. 
It's perfect for a small studio apartment.
This traditional living space incorporates a daybed, 
demonstrating how easily daybeds can fit into any style room.

A wicker daybed could be worked into a summer porch, a cabin, or even a nursery.
While a contemporary daybed could easily float in a loft area or an office.
And lastly, here's a great nook area that is not only a good place to curl up with a
 book, but perfect for an overnight guest.

To see more ideas on guest rooms,  please visit me on Houzz! 

Until next time... 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Garden Toad!

There's a toad in my garden!

This evening I was weeding my vegetable garden and when I lifted up the cantaloupe vine, there he was! Uhg! This was in fact my second sighting of Toad in the garden.

Not very cute, is he is?  He blends so well into the soil. Unlike Frog, Toad and I shall not become friends!

Perhaps I've lived too long in the city, but I can't even remember when I last saw a toad!

Happy Monday, until next time...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Outdoor Spaces

With the July 4th holiday arriving tomorrow, why not spruce up your outdoor living spaces and let the picnicing and festivities begin!

Keep in mind "themes" whenever you're tackling a design project. This means if you are purchasing outdoor furniture, coordinate it with the style and exterior color of your home.

Quite often people choose white or black outdoor furniture or natural or mocha wicker furniture because it is readily available. Keep in mind that dark pieces tend to fade into the background on a porch. So instead, try gray as an alternative to black or mocha. It is generally a better contrast against exterior walls and won't disappear into the facade.

First up, umbrellas and seat cushions. They come in a PLETHORA of colors, so express yourself through a sunny hue such as this toasty orange. Orange looks great with a taupe or brown exterior.

Seat cushions come in stripes, florals, and an array of colors! 
Choose a stripe or print to tie in trim and exterior paint colors.

Let's have a look at some coordinating home styles and suggested outdoor furniture choices!

A rustic home style...

Coordinate it with a heavy wood picnic table

And an Adirondack rocker

A transitional shingle and stone home...

These fun-loving foam rocks are a natural match!

Traditional grey stone home...

Warm grey wicker for the deck

And for the yard

Then, add some blue throw pillows for pop

A traditional brick colonial with taupe trim...

Just add some taupe wicker

And for this stone farmhouse...

Pair with a grey picnic table and wicker

Suburban mix...

Mix it up with this interesting white wood number.

A yellow farmhouse...

Bring out the good old fashioned white wicker

A modern craftsman...

These Stickleyesque pieces are a perfect hit!

Traditional Georgian elegance...

Nothing says traditional like this Chippendale!

The clean straight lines of a contemporary...

Match it up with a sleek metal and wood dining set

Have a happy Fourth! And until next time...