Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gracing Your Thanksgiving Table

In just a few days the Thanksgiving holiday arrives. And although the menu rarely wavers from the traditional golden turkey and fixings, you might feel that your tablescape needs a bit of a lift. 

It's easy to create an autumn table setting with natural items that you have around the house. Miniature pumpkins, nuts, candles, fruits and other items can easily be pulled together to give your table holiday spirit. 

Let's get inspired!

Gourds, white candle sticks, berries, and a simple linen runner 
make this farmhouse table cozy and inviting. 

Chunky candles, grape mounds, pears, and greens can be dressed 
up or down to suit your gathering.

Cream and almond candles, mixed with pears
 and leaves bring the outdoors in.

An all white setting
makes for an elegant, yet simple table.

Organically inclined? Pull together a collection of pears, nuts, 
leaves, and brown and white transferware. 

Oh, the drama of purple and green veggies set against a teal tablecloth!

Put your greenthumb on display with a spread of
pumpkins, tea candles, and leafy veggies.

No fruit or pumpkins? How about a couple of canning jars tied with pretty twine
and a burlap runner? Go ahead, show them you're a country girl at heart.

Okay, now let's set a table together! 
Don't bother with a tablecloth. We want to see the patina of the wood table. 
You can use linen runners for placements or a single runner 
down the center of the table, if you like. 

Next we need flatware with character, such as this horn handled cutlery.

Add holiday inspired linens.

I'm a sucker for brown & white transferware. 
It coordinates easily with other dish sets.

Such as this wonderful Woodland set from Spode. Pricey, yes, 
but you only need a few pieces to make the table pop with interest.

If you're serving soup, how about these fun pumpkins?

Or you could use these happy farmhouse bowls.

Mix in a few old transferware plates, especially if you're serving
 10 guests and you only have 6 place settings.

See it's easy! Now, be sure to let me know what time I'm expected for dinner!

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November Nesting

As the days grow colder, we bundle up and turn indoors for some down-home nesting. So come along for a seasonal escape and gather inspiration to enjoy your Fall days...

Rise early one Sunday morning, and with hot mug in hand, throw a wool blanket
over your shoulders, to watch the leaves tumble down from your front porch.

When you're finished, head out into the woods for some last minute leave 
collecting and make a collage for a bare wall.

When you're finished with your collage, build a toasty fire 
and curl up on the sofa for a good read.

In the evening, invite friends over for a last-of-the-season outdoor
gathering and count your lucky stars.

After you bid your friends goodbye, soak in a hot bath and
 make a mental list of your holiday shopping.

As every good day deserves a good ending, find a
warm comfy bed to snuggle down into...

Until next time...