Friday, March 28, 2014

Let's Get Organized!

I readily admit that I am a clean fanatic.

 In fact, I do not have a single junk drawer in my home. I'm addicted to organization. So, here's some inspiration if you happen to be organizationally challenged or if you want to get even more organized. 

Love this aesthetically pleasing pots & pan storage.

No more knocking over 20 bottles to reach the one in the back. 
This handy drawer makes everything accessible.

Goodbye kitchen sink clutter!

You will never loose the can opener again.

Everything has a place!
Who knew bathroom products could be so easily accessible?!
My dream drawer!
Have a look at my profile picture. See all that high maintenance hair?
I'm a gal with hair products. I need this drawer.
Okay, time to get organized!

Until next time...

Cville Design House Bath Linens

Here's a little sneak peak at my plans for the child's room bath... 

As I stated in a previous post, the bathroom is larger than it appears in photographs. It is also rather difficult to photograph due to the ceiling angles.  The bathroom is painted in the same color as the bedroom, Benjamin Moore Golden Straw 2152-50, however, because there are no windows in the bathroom, the color appears richer than in the bedroom.

Here is the shower curtain fabric, Soprano Summer. 
I plan to do dual panels with tie backs.

Here are my Yves Delorme Kacho Ga bath towels that pullout the pumpkin color 
from the shower curtain fabric as well as the bird motif.
The bathroom is long and narrow, so I plan to add this cute Paula Deen bench
 as a place to rest while dressing or to stack additional towels.

The bench will be covered with a slipcover in this colorful zigzag fabric.

I also found these fun elephant hooks that 
I plan to use for hanging up towels or clothing.

So that's it for the bath! Stay tuned for updates on the furniture selection!

Until next time...

Design House 2014 Progress

I thought you might like to take a quick peak at the progress of my room. Today painter Brian Carr was finishing up the trim in my space.

Here's a before picture of the space with it's blue walls and white clouds. 
Also, note the blue and white carpet that has now
been replaced with hardwood floors.

Here's a picture with the new paint color Benjamin Moore 
2152-50 Golden Straw on the walls and Ben Moore White Dove on the trim.

For some reason the ceiling by the window looks white in these
pictures, however, that is just an optical illusion. 
The wood floors really warm up the room.

The ceiling fan will be replaced by a Curry &
 Company 6 light crystal chandelier in a gold finish. 

That's this week's Cville Design House update! Stay tuned for more photos!

Until next time...