Sunday, July 20, 2014

Through the Garden Gate

Garden gates possess a magical quality leading you to a world just beyond...

The crunch of gravel... the sound of the latch lifting...

Just a turn of the handle...the creaking hinges...

The smell of pine...the secret garden on the other side...

A tiny glimpse...

The crunch of leaves on a slate walk...

The clang of the iron knocker...

A touch of lavender, rosemary or thyme...


Until next time...

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Art of Accessorizing

In interior design, a beautiful space is made complete only when the proper accessories are in place. Think of accessories as the icing on a cake. Never scrimp when it comes to buying artwork or finishing touches as these items add the "WOW" factor to a room in addition to allowing your individual personality to shine through.

The landscape artwork, buddha statuary, & orchids, compliment the Asian
influenced chest and create a vignette with a zen feel.

The globe collection and artwork fill the "negative"
 space above the desk and create a feeling of worldliness.

The ceramic spears fill the negative void behind the sofa and add texture & color.
The painting hung on the bookcase adds an additional layer
 of interest & dimension.

The blue & white porcelain plates above the fire place add a dash of color
as well as provide a soft touch to the rustic space.

Books are rich in texture and color. Combined with pottery or statuary,
books on wood shelving become a work of art themselves. 
Don't forget about accessorizing the bathroom! A simple wood shelf around a bathtub adds so much character! The white walls and porcelain tub act as a canvas for the colorful painting, vase of wildflowers, and casually draped towel. 

The rich patina of the wood table, plus the texture of the baskets, light and stool compliment each other. The pears & wildflowers are in the same color palette, while the white ceramic bowls & table linens contrast with the deeper tones of the other objects.

The symmetrical chairs and artwork create dual vignettes of simple elegance.
Accessories can be found everywhere! Look for objects that appeal to you with interesting colors, textures, and shapes. I recently found an old carpenter's wooden ruler for $6.00 at an antique store and two volumes of Shakespeare with lovely red bookcovers for $11.00 at an antique mall. These inexpensive items added interest and layers to my growing collections. Happy hunting!

Until next time... 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Green with Envy

One of the many perks of living in the Charlottesville area is being blessed with an abundance of historical architecture. So, on July 4th I hightailed it up to James Madison's Montpelier. What better way to spend Independence Day then at this former president's home?!

The last time I had been to Montpelier was in 2006 during the extensive renovation. The first thing my eyes touched on this time were the colorful green shutters. They are the color of trees! I loved them! I know this isn't a very good picture, but I wanted to give you an idea of the whole house in relation to the shutters. Love those ocher doors, too!

This is the view from the front lawn of Montpelier looking out at the gorgeous 
Blue Ridge Mountains.  I parked my lawn chair there and soaked up the view.
What a treat!

I was inspired by the view to seek out other examples of nature's lovely palette.

Green shutters on white clapboard siding...

Green shutters as a lovely contrast to whitewashed shakes.

Stone walls and green shutters...very rustic

Quaint green garage doors...

Yellow stucco and green shutters, very Tuscan...

I hope you're inspired to use this gardeny green somewhere, such as a bench, 
a front door, a garden shed, or better yet, a garden gate!

Until next time...

Post Cville Design House

Dear Readers,

It has been awhile since my last post, but I have been so busy catching up since the Cville Design House 2014 ended. The numbers aren't in yet, but we had another successful year raising funds for Shelter for Help in Emergency.

Here's a few photos of my space taken by photographer John Magor.

Until next time...